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Mag of Holding – Frozen Wastelands – PDF



**This PDF is available as a FREE download when you sign up to our Newsletter** Mag of Holding – Frozen Wastelands is designed to enrich your table’s wintery encounters. With a sub zero tapestry of adventures, icy creatures, expanded rules, magic items, lore, and more, there is something for every explorer of the frozen wasteland and pioneer of the cold frontier. Go toe to toe with a Primal Yeti and its swarm of frostwing ravens, escape the clutches of the Cryo Hydra, and explore the lair of Blizwing the Withering Winter. But take care regarding adult white dragons gone mad, for the only thing more deadly than a wild dragon is an unpredictable dragon. These pages snap and crackle with GM tools and player options. But we warned, holding this tome in your hands for too long may or may not cause frostbite or blizardblains. Open at your own peril!