Tome of Blacksun

Greeting’s adventurers, it’s time for another installment of Aizendore’s Periodical of Possibilities! This is where you can get a sneak peek inside Aizendore’s Vault in the run-up to our exciting upcoming Kickstarter. Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure contains lore and mechanics for over 300 magic items (yes, that’s with two zeros!) and in each installment we will feature a different treasure from the vault and discuss some ways that you can use it in your campaign to delight (and possibly dismay) your players! But I warn you, this is one artifact you will wish you had left alone. Turn back now, before it’s too late! Avert your gaze from the…

Tome of Blacksun

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This insidious arcane grimoire is emblazoned with a deep black sun which seems to drink the light. Almost as though what is within was never meant to be witnessed. Someone unfortunate or ignorant enough to open the Tome of Blacksun would soon realise that this is exactly right. Upon opening the book, a shadow dark as oblivion will engulf the would-be reader and everything surrounding them. So deep is this darkness that even creatures who can see into other realities are blind to what is within. Only those with the sight of devils can pierce the black veil. Though perhaps that is more a curse than a blessing?

The tome’s otherworldly shadows drain the psychic energy of those they ensnare. One who commands the black book can use the stored mental magic to imprison creatures within its pages, condemning them to a dark demiplane. Who might wield such an evil artifact willingly? Well, it sounds like a perfect tool for an eldritch cult if you ask me! A party who finds the Tome of Blacksun may find themselves pursued by an ancient order of warlocks who have been searching for their lost grimoire. Maybe this cult is comprised of, or in service to, a host of “star spawn” (stat blocks for whom can be found in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes).

Star spawn are the herald of Elder Evils, alien Lovecraftian entities from the Far Realm. Perhaps the Tome of Blacksun is something of a beacon and by opening it the player characters unwittingly “ring the bell”, drawing the attention of one of these extraplanar abominations to the Material Plane. And now, from its cold and distant star, it sends its cultists and avatars to open up a portal to this newfound source of life—life to be drained. Minds to be consumed. Psychic screams upon which to slake its thirst… I think I’m gonna sleep with the light on tonight…

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