The Bell of Requiem

Welcome to the second edition of Aizendore’s Periodical of Possibilities! This is where you can get a sneak peek inside Aizendore’s Vault in the run-up to our exciting upcoming Kickstarter. Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures contains lore and mechanics for nearly 300 magic items (yes, that’s with two zeros!) and in each installment we will feature a different treasure from the vault and discuss some ways that you can use it in your campaign to delight (and possibly dismay) your players! Today’s entry is a perilous artifact known as…

The Bell of Requiem

[Insert Bell of Requiem art]

This black metal bell has the power to bring someone—*or something*—back from the dead. But this power is not without consequences. As if by way of warning, the handle is wrought in the shape of a screaming gargoyle.

The more the body rots and the further the soul drifts from the corpse, the more… *unpredictable* the results become. If the player characters are quick enough they may get their friend back from the clutches of death or they may not. Or they may sow even greater misery.

Items of such profound risk and reward are inherently intriguing, and tempting, to players. This can be used to great effect in your games. Consider the following scenarios:

The party is hired by a noble or similarly powerful individual to retrieve the Bell of Requiem so that they may resurrect their (very) recently murdered loved one. However, the adventure is a race against time as the longer they take; the less likely it is that the bell’s ritual will succeed. And more likely that the ritual will have unforeseen and disastrous outcomes.

We can also assume that the player characters try to resurrect a fellow party member, perhaps without knowing the full extent of the gamble they are making (maybe they’ll try it in the middle of combat for added drama?). But instead of coming back from the dead, there is a rush of heat and a sudden stench of brimstone as their soul is transported to the Nine Hells. Now the characters must plunge into the infernal plane to rescue their friend’s immortal soul. Not only to restore them to life, but to save them from an eternal damnation that they inadvertently caused. This presents fertile ground for a homebrewed adventure through the layers of the underworld, or even to incorporate the Descent into Avernus module into your game!

The Bell of Requiem will fit well into any campaign but is perfect in particular for games in which resurrection magic is limited (either by party composition or the campaign setting). There is nothing forcing the players to utilize this dark artifact but I think we all know that the temptation will be too great to resist…

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Dare you peer inside Aizendore’s vault and see what other cursed wonders await? The vault hides secrets old and powers great. If an adventurer is willing to pay the price…

Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures launches on April 8th on Kickstarter.