Mag of Holding – Pirates & Seafaring


Yaaargh, me hearties! Welcome aboard Mag of Holding – Pirates & Seafaring. Thank you for being part of our tiny, yet
mighty, community! In this installment, we present to thee a pirate queen’s treasure, boasting wonderous items, dangerous
encounters, ferocious creatures, frightening lore, and more. We hope you enjoy these pages as much as we enjoyed creating them.
May the wind fill your sails! May your voyage be brief, your passage dry, and may you arrive alive on the other side – Paddy Finn

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Pirates & Seafaring

is designed to enrich your table’s nautical encounters. With a colorful tapestry of adventures, NPCs, backgrounds, spells, magic items, rules, sea shanties, lore, and more, there is something for every sailor, pirate, and scallywag that ever did sail the seventy-seven seas.

Break the curse of the boneship, discover what really awaits at the X that marks the spot, and plummet into a dark crevice at the bottom of the ocean in search of lost treasure… But beware the Olgoth and its undead horde.

These pages are awash with GM tools and player options. But we warned, this tome may or may not be cursed by the spirit of Captain Blackbeard himself.

Open at your own peril

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Pirates & Seafaring

Take a look inside the book with our CEO Paddy.

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  • This book offers new creatures of darkness, such as Daemonifer and Varcolac.
  • Herein, you will also discover a new Warlock Subclass, for at times one must battle darkness with darkness.
  • You will discover a new feat, perfect for any monster hunter.
  • As a champion of light, peruse these pages and find the tools you need to overturn the darkness you face

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