Coin of Booming

We’re back with another edition of Aizendore’s Periodical of Possibilities! This is where you can get a sneak peek inside Aizendore’s Vault in the run-up to our exciting upcoming Kickstarter. Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures contains lore and mechanics for nearly 300 magic items (yes, that’s with two zeros!) and in each installment we will feature a different treasure from the vault and discuss some ways that you can use it in your campaign to delight (and possibly dismay) your players! Today we’re getting our hands on the…

Coin of Booming

[Insert Coin of Booming art]

This coin, lightly etched with subtle runes and featuring a shouting head on one side, could be mistaken for a mundane gold piece at a glance. If the Coin of Booming is removed from its owner’s person (or from a specified container) without permission it will sound a loud alarm. Which could be very helpful, or very unhelpful, depending which side of the coin the player characters are on. With that in mind, what scenarios could arise from introducing the Coin of Booming into your game?

Let’s imagine the party has been contracted to catch a pickpocket who has been plaguing a city square. The culprit is a master thief and leaves no trace save for the absence of the victim’s purse. But the party has a trick up their sleeve (or, rather, in their inventory). One of the player characters makes themselves bait, standing in conversation with another party member in the crowded public space, leaving their coin purse on display. Unbeknownst to the pickpocket, surrounding them, in hiding and prepared for ambush, are the other party members, and inside the purse is the Coin of Booming. They foolishly lift the purse and the coin’s alarm rings out! Is the pickpocket caught swiftly by the party or does a chase ensue? I’ll leave that up to you.

But what if the party are the ones with sticky fingers? Players steal for a multitude of reasons; to share the wealthy’s unearned fortune with the poor, to uncover evidence or information in a game of espionage, or just out of good old fashioned greed (the latter is a tradition as old as D&D). Citizens or organisations intent on safeguarding their valuables amidst a party-induced crime wave may employ a Coin of Booming. Stashed at the bottom of a treasure chest, it will go unnoticed until the second a character lifts the loot and an alarm alerts the guards. A DM wishing to dissuade thievery needs only one Coin of Booming—after that first noisy encounter, your party will be paranoid of every treasure chest they find, even if it is perfectly lootable.. Heck, they already think half of them are Mimics…

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Will you be tempted by the tantalising treasures of Aizendore’s Vault? Whatever you do, make sure you keep an ear out…Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures launches on April 8th on Kickstarter.