Anvil of Songs

Well met! We return for another entry in Aizendore’s Periodical of Possibilities! This is where you can get a sneak peek inside Aizendore’s Vault, the eponymous trove of magical mysteries from our new Kickstarter. Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure contains lore and mechanics for over 300 magic items (yes, that’s with two zeros!) and in each installment we will feature a different treasure from the vault and discuss some ways that you can use it in your campaign to delight (and possibly dismay) your players!

Where do magic items come from? Well, you see, when a +3 Holy Avenger and a Hand of Vecna love each other very much—no, but seriously, every magic item has an origin. Each one crafted by sentient hands through arcana, artifice, or even on accident. Many of the items within Aizendore’s great vault were forged by his mysterious master Markovad. So possessed of skill was she that the gods took her for their own. But just what sort of tools would be worthy of a god? Wonder no longer, for today you hear the sonorous story of the…

Anvil of Songs

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This 5-inch metal cube may seem unassuming, but it holds within it the vast potential of all material creation. Fashioned from a unique alloy said to contain every metal in existence, even some unknown to mortals. Gifted to the dwarves by the God of Crafts himself, it is a tool of unmatched use. By speaking its command word, one can transform the cube into a mighty anvil. All smiths, or any dwarf, that works upon the Anvil of Songs feels their heart swell with the ringing symphony of hammer and steel, becoming suffused with divine artistic inspiration. Wonders beyond imagining have been forged upon the Anvil of Songs—which makes it a great tool for DMs too.

Perhaps your party encounters a master dwarven craftsman who promises to make them each a powerful magical item of their own design. If only they can retrieve for them the Anvil of Songs from deep within the heart of dormant volcano. But maybe when they arrive, they discover that the volcano isn’t so dormant after all… Depending on your party’s level, they might face among the magma such fiery threats as salamanders, efreeti, or even an ancient red dragon.

And just as the Anvil of Songs can produce wonders, it can also produce terrors with equal efficiency and perfection. What if the Anvil were to fall into the hands of a mad duergar colony, who use it to forge an army of abominable psionic machine-humanoid hybrids? Such augmented creatures can be found in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes in the form of duergar despots, hammerers, screamers and xarrons (pg. 188-193). Will the party be able to stop them?

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The song of creation thrums in us all. And within Aizendore’s Vault you will find many tools to help perfect your craft and forge a mighty campaign.

Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure is live on Kickstarter.