Penny Dragon Games

Welcome to the realm of Penny Dragon Games.

We are an indie publishing company that create 5th Edition compatible content for GM’s and Players to enjoy in their D&D games.

Paddy Finn is the CEO and Founder of Penny Dragon Games. He has been a full-time science fiction and fantasy author for the past 4 years, and his books have been Amazon best sellers several times. Paddy Finn has been a DM for years and it was just a matter of time before one passion spilled into the other.

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Our Beginnings

Penny Dragon Games launched their first Kickstarter project, Mag of Holding in March 2021. Mag of Holding is a stunning D&D 5e magazine crammed with new creatures, spells, items, encounters, NPCs, subclasses, backgrounds, and other DM tools. Mag of Holding is released via Kickstarter on a quarterly basis, you can find previous editions in our store.


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